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Career development and networking

I am often asked for suggestions on how to network effectively to support career development. I have written a free guide which you can download – networking guide 2017 and here is a sample from it:

Within your network it is likely that the relationships you have with people will fall into two main categories – maintainers and propellers.

Maintainers are people who are:

  • Keystones – they are the core of your network and key to you getting your job done.
  • Experts – people close to you who you respect and value as professionals and may well recommend to others.
  • Helpers – people in related fields who help you get your job done.

Propellers are people who act as:

  • Mentors – can help guide your career and teach you the ropes.
  • Role models – people who have achieved what you aspire to and often have a high degree of professionalism both in their chosen field and behaviour.
  • Hubs – people who will refer you to additional sources of information and people and suggest helpful connections.
  • Challengers – someone who will cause you to look at your own direction.
  • Promoters – will advise you of opportunities and encourage your visibility.


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