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Social media and you

Like many people I have a presence on a number of social media sites, including twitter, Facebook, about.me and LinkedIn. Instagram is one I haven’t really explored as I don’t take many photos and my only attempts at selfies have shown far too many wrinkles! With the growing use of social media platforms, and the demise of some, my thought is that it makes sense to keep an eye on your use of social media as what you post and like can have potential implications when you are looking for jobs and for you professional identity.

Recruiters are more active now to check what people put on social media sites. A simple Google search can also bring up information about potential job candidates. So what would my advice be for those who use social media extensively?

  • Do consider the potential impact of the images and content you post – if it is just meant for your friends and family then do investigate the security and privacy settings. Don’t assume they have been set up in such a way that they will protect you and your content. A bit of a proactive approach could be beneficial here.
  • Do keep an eye on the content you post. From time to time have a look at it and remove anything you think is past its best and may also not show you in a good light.
  • Do think twice or even more perhaps when posting content from parties and social events. It might be better to review and upload those pictures and comments in the cold light of day. There are many instances of people, including celebrities, who have removed tweets they posted after a night out.
  • Do share good news stories about your activities with people; particularly those you do as a volunteer. Recruiters often look at your experiences outside the work environment to gain an understanding of your skills and experience.
  • Do be prepared at interviews to be asked about your involvement with social media. Most large organisations, and increasingly smaller ones, have policies about its use in the work place, unless you are applying to a company that runs this sort of activity.

So enjoy your use of social media, keep an eye on what you post and share and think what these activities might say about you to a potential recruiter.

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