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Talking about teamwork

Are you currently applying for jobs and wondering how to provide examples of teamwork in your application and at interview? Organisations who recruit graduates (as well as other employees at different levels) will usually outline the skills, knowledge, experience and abilities which they are looking for in a specific job advert. Team working is frequently mentioned and this can be something people can find challenging to speak about, particularly if this is for their first job after a period of study. So here are some career tips for you to consider:

  • First of all be clear in your application what you have done with regards to working in teams. You may be someone who has been involved in project teams at university, taken part in team sports and/or have direct work experience. Make sure you explain what the team’s objectives were, who was in it and what your role was. Be clear about the activities you were involved in and the results your team produced. Make sure you highlight your own contribution and bear in mind this is a question about teamwork!
  • When it comes to the selection process you may be asked to take part in a group activity. Do make sure you play your part in it. Start by ensuring you all introduce yourselves and clarify what the activity is, how long you have got and what you need to do to complete it. In your own mind do work out what and how you will contribute to the group.
  • If there is an individual interview as well, then you have a chance to reflect on the group activity and the role you played in it, and to expand on your own previous team work experience. If you can, take a bit of time before your own individual interview, to reflect on your experiences to date and to consider how you might discuss them.

If you are going for an interview in the near future then do consider what and how you might discuss your own experiences of team work. Good luck.

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