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IMG_0007Many of the people I work with are either looking to develop their career in their existing job area or are considering a new career direction. This is something I too have personally experienced.

I have written a free workbook on how to develop your career which can be downloaded from here How to develop your career 2017.

And if you would like to try an exercise from it before you download it here is a sample exercise from it for you to try:

Exercise two – relating your skills to a job role

This exercise looks at how you can relate your knowledge of your skills, both “hard” and “soft”, to more detailed information about a job role. To do this, find a job role you are considering for your next career move. It does not have to be for a job you are going to apply for immediately, as there may not be a current vacancy, however it does need to be something you would consider as a possible job move.

Information on jobs can be found in a variety of places. If you work for an organisation they may have an intranet with a job vacancy section. If you are looking to join a specific organisation then check out their website for vacancies. There are also websites which contain a wide variety of information about specific job roles; I have included a number of websites in the Appendix (the research for this was carried out in 2014.).

When jobs are advertised there is usually a job advert and further particulars about the role, which are often described as either a person specification or a job description. You will need at least one of these documents for this exercise.

Instructions for the exercise:

  1. Review the job description/person specification to identify the skills required.

  2. Make a note of your skills.

  3. Map out how your skills link to the job description/person specification.

  4. Make a note of any gaps you have in your skills so that you can take action on these.

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